Welcome to the 20th Birth & Baby Fair!  This is a FREE event!  Come and learn. There will be resources from local birth professionals, area businesses, lactation experts, and other healthcare professionals.  

Check the Workshops schedule to see what great workshops will be offered at what times during the Fair.  These workshops run all day long, so no matter when you come, you'll learn something new.  

Please come and celebrate with us and see how your family can be supported during these transforming parenting years.  

The Birth & Baby Fair features:

*  FREE workshops by professionals
*  A wide variety of local vendors  
*  Kid Activities!!!!!!
*  A Nursing/feeding area
*  Celebration, connection and Energy

Please be sure to contact us if you have question! If you'd like to meet us, the mamas that take their time to manage this event every year, we are: Stacy Holden & Joy Herbert. We hope to meet you at the FAIR!

Past Fair Attendees comments

"We", the ones that put the fair on, are mamas who know the benefits of finding the right info, being connected in a community and having support through pregnancy, birth, and the childhood years.

We want to connect Parents, with the Info they need, and to people who can help them along their birth and parenting journey

who we are

"I took Sara Weik's 'How to have Natural Birth in the Hospital' when I was newly pregnant and it changed the course of my pregnancy and birthing experience. This workshop, along with MANY others, left me feeling empowered, capable, and strong. Many of the vendors have become my go-to people on my parenting journey. The Birth & Baby Fair is a great gift to current and future caregivers - and babes in the Northland".
Ivy, Mama to Sarah (15mo)

"The Birth and Baby Fair is a wonderful event. Whether you are about to become a first time parent, already have a house full of kiddos, or are thinking about joining the parenthood club, there is something for you. The knowledge, resources, and information you gain from the workshops and vendors is incredibly useful; however the best part of the Birth and Baby Fair is the sense of community you feel while you're there and carry with you when you go. To know you're not alone on this crazy adventure is both comforting and exciting."
Sarah Brinkman (mama to Wally - age 9 months)