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Infant Massage, the power of touch

Postpartum Planning


A Doula Does What?
Nutrition for a Healthy Mom and Baby


Snuggling your baby helps breastfeeding

Evidence Based Birth Choices


The Importance of Play in Early Childhood: A Waldorf Perspective
Natural Childbirth in the Hospital

******Description of Workshops****** 

Snuggling your baby helps breastfeeding - Jane Johnson, IBCLC at Essentia Health

Come and learn how snuggling your baby skin to skin will help your baby breastfeed, prevent problems and help your newborn both physically and emotionally.  Come and learn why the “Golden Hour” is so magical.  This workshop will help you get your breastfeeding relationship off to a great start.  Bring your questions!

Natural Childbirth in the Hospital - Leanne Latterell, RN at St. Luke’s Birthing Center

Natural Childbirth is an option that many mothers and families are choosing as the birthing experience that feels right for them. Please join Leanne Latterell, a registered nurse at St. Luke's Birthing Center, as she guides us through some of the ways that will empower birthing mothers as they navigate Natural Childbirth in the Hospital. Choosing a quality birthing class, writing a birth plan and having constant physical and emotional support during labor are a few ways you can prepare for a beautiful natural birthing experience.

Nutrition for a Healthy Mom and Baby - Does it seem like more and more children have eczema, asthma, and allergies at large?  And more and more with attention and behavioral issues?  So much of a child's health can be addressed by priming a child's immune system with a healthy gut.  How do we do this?  Come and join Dr Shannon May, ND, LAc as she discusses the importance of gut health for mom and baby as well as how to support gut health through optimal food introduction.
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Postpartum Planning - You planned your pregnancy, your birth, and the necessities for having a newborn. Come and join members of the Lake Superior Birth Collective to learn how to plan for your ‘fourth trimester’. Together you will discuss ways to encourage healing and rest during the postpartum period, how to build a support system, how to recognize postpartum depression, ways to promote self-care, tools to have at home, and resources from the community.

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A Doula Does What? - Monita Nieman of Surrendering Waves, prenatal wellness and doula services

Come and join Monita and take a real life look into what a doula does, and how every family benefits from inviting a doula into their birthing journey.  Bring your questions! 

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The Importance of Play in Early Childhood: A Waldorf PerspectiveNancy Lewis, B.FA., Kindergarten  Teacher (3-6-year-olds) at Spirit of the Lake Community School and Julie Bellehumeur, B.AS., Parent & Tot Instructor at Spirit of the Lake Community School and Head Start Family Advocate at Myers-Wilkins Elementary School

Child-initiated, self-directed play is essential for the young child's learning and development. As parents and caregivers, our role is to strive to become facilitators of self-directed play, strengthening and protecting this activity through which the child learns from life in an irreplaceable way. A deeper understanding of the true nature of play and what the child gains from it will inform parents' choices regarding the rhythm and environment they provide for their children.
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Evidence Based Birth Choices, by Dionne Corcoran of Northland Midwifery
Your birth, your baby, your choices...but what are the options? You may know that doulas provide emotional and physical support during labor, but did you know they also provide informational support throughout pregnancy? Join Dionnne to learn what options are available in Duluth and what current research says about numerous birth topics, including "due" dates, inductions, water birth, antibiotics during labor, epidurals, artificial rupture of membranes, newborn procedures, doulas and more!  

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Infant Massage, the power of touch - Presented by Stephanie Grieger, DPT of In Motion Therapy and member of the LSBC. 
In the womb, our babies experience a form of massage by the uterus. Why not continue this comfort for our children after they enter the outside world? From helping ease the pains of gas bubbles to teething, your loving hands can provide for your new baby more than physical healing but create bonding, confidence, love, and security. Bring a cuddly blanket and get cozy with your child as you learn about the importance of several hands on techniques for children of all ages, and how they not only benefit baby but you, the parents. Oils will be provided for the demonstration.
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