April 2018 Workshops

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Creating YOUR Birth Space

I Can Sign-Using Sign Language with your Baby


Pregnancy Shouldn't Hurt

Your are your Child's First Teacher


Your Amazing Newborn

The Baby's Here, Now What?


Getting Breastfeeding off to a Great Start

Your Placenta Needs a Birth Plan Too

******Description of Workshops******

Creating YOUR Birth Space!with Montia Niemann, Surrendering Waves Doula Services

Whether you are birthing in a hospital or at home, there are plenty of ways to create an empowering and special birthing environment. Join Monita, as she goes over tips and tricks to create the space you can envision for your labor and birth. We will also create an affirmation flag to help get your space started!

Monita knows a bit about birthing spaces. As a birth doula and mother, she has seen a birth or two.. actually a bit over 100!  She has found that most laboring women are more comfortable and labor mo re effectivelyin surroundings they know. That is why this session is so important.  Your space can really affect your labor!

I Can Sign-Using Sign Language with your Baby with Joanne Coffin-Landon 

Come hear about how American Sign Language can enhance your baby’s language development.  Also, learn some practical Signs you can start using right away! 

Joanne Coffin-Langdon is a professor at UMD in the Education Department where her emphasis is Deaf Studies.  She also is a mom to 9 children from 3-30!  

Pregnancy Shouldn’t Hurt!with Deb McLaughlin, Northern Lights Wellness

Come learn simple things you can do (and avoid doing) during pregnancy that will help keep Moms more comfortable AND enjoy easier births and happier babies. Minor structural imbalances in Mom can impact baby’s position for birth and affect the ease of the birth. You will leave with clear recommendations and “tools” for you and your partner to check and address at home. You will also understand when and how to consider seeing a bodyworker for more help.

Deb McLaughlin is a Craniosacral Therapist, Certified Professional Midwife, Licensed Midwife, international educator, creator of MAPTM for Better Birth,and primary consultant to Spinning Babies® for professional bodywork education.

You Are Your Child's First Teacher with Julie Bellehumeur and Jeanne Saver

Parenting philosophies and text books abound. But parents don't need a new set of rules or another authority telling them how to raise their children.  By understanding the young child’s unique developmental needs (children are not little adults! :)  ), parents can make conscious choices to nurture and to support their child’s growth & development.  We’ll share information about children’s physical, mental, and emotional development. And we’ll gather some day-to-day practical ideas for enjoying this amazing parenting journey while figuring out how to give your child the tools and experiences that will help them thrive!

Julie Bellehumeur, SLCS GROWING TOGETHER (Parent&Toddler) TEACHER:
Julie has over 20 years of experience working in the Early Childhood field. She has worked with children & families in Child Care, ECFE, Preschools, Foster Care, and Head Start. Her most rewarding (and challenging!) job has been that of a parent :)  Parenting is an amazing opportunity for growth - both for our children and for ourselves!

Jeanne studied Early Childhood Education at the University of Wisconsin- Superior. In addition to many experiences in public school settings, she has worked with Spirit of the Lake Community School for four years as a volunteer and Kinderfarm assistant. Since starting a family of her own, Jeanne now runs a home daycare program, serving mostly babies, toddlers, and young preschoolers.

The Baby's Here -- Now What? with Tavniah Betts, Advent Midwifery
For some families, the most challenging time of pregnancy is after the birth when everyone is adjusting to the new normal of life with a newborn. In this workshop we will talk about what to expect in the first few days, weeks and months postpartum for both mom and baby and share tips for being prepared to navigate "the fourth trimester."

Tavniah Betts, CPM, LM is a Minnesota and Wisconsin Licensed Midwife. She earned her midwifery credential and her license to practice in 2010 and has attended births in home, birth center and health clinic settings in the United State, Mexico and Europe. She moved to Duluth in the fall of 2017 with her husband and two children to live near Lake Superior and re-establish her homebirth practice-Advent Midwifery.

Getting Breastfeeding off to a Great Start with Jane Johnson, Essentia Health
We'll talk about the importance of the Golden Hour, skin to skin, the latch, understanding your baby's feeding cues, how to tell if he/she's getting enough milk and surviving the first weeks.

Jane Johnson is a Board Certified Lactation Consultant with 18 years as a Lactation Consultant at Essentia Health, SMMC  and 34 years as an Registered Nurse in the NICU. Helping parents and their infants get off to the best start possible for a healthy and happy future has been her life long passion and calling.

You Placenta Needs a Birth Plan Too!with Margo Blackstone, Duluth MIdwife

While there has been some movement towards delayed cord clamping in the past decade, the time between the baby's birth and the birth of the placenta is often still wrought with other interventions big and small. In this workshop Margo will discuss what is happening hormonally in those first moments of meeting your baby, and how to maintain that bubble for maximum health and bonding. We will also talk about how disrupting this time with common interventions actually makes the process much less safe, and how planning the birth of the placenta is just as important as planning the birth of your precious baby

Margo is an Independent and Traditional Midwife and the owner of Duluth Midwife. She has been attending births since 2011 and has a wild 3 1/2 year old who was born at home into her daddy's hands. She also co-runs Indie Birth and its many facets, including the online Indie Birth Midwifery School which she teaches at regularly.